Sunday, March 28, 2021

3195 : Why resolve, why closure?

I am a big believer in closure. I try and close (and confront) on even small things. I sincerely try.

To me it makes sense. Life is short. Resolve, move ahead, maybe you never talk again, but at least you know you tried. 

With every single of my broken journeys, I am clear in my head - I tried.


When post an initial effort, I either see the argument going nowhere, or worse, if I see that it is difficult to resolve (let's say one of us is extremely defensive, we can never resolve with that condition).......I eventually do give up. And this becomes one of my blackboxes.

I failed once in my job (of course I have!!), failed big.

I never really got to know the reason I fully failed (as per others) despite serious interrogation. Of course, I introspected and now I know about 8 possible reasons - I fked up.

But it would have been good to know the other side. I would love to hear it.

It's just one more blackbox. Now I live in a graveyard of blackboxes :-)

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