Saturday, March 27, 2021

3190 : Demons

I have this friend, who I probably talk to once in a few months. He is insanely brilliant and unbelievably creative. And yet, his brain is a chemical soup on the loose. 

He struggles with his own demons. He has never been diagnosed with depression. He is easily one of the most brilliant minds I know of.

I have come to recognize that maybe its this chemical soup that makes him so outstanding. Yet, he struggles to fit in. This world is no place for those who pet demons.

I sometimes in my very weak days, have a glimpse of what it might be to like him every single day. And I dread it. 

This world used to fit in all shapes. Over time it loves only the round pegs. The squares don't seem to fit in anymore. 

I have seen what great looks like. I also think on the other side of this greatness - lies an army of demons, waiting to be unleashed.

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