Friday, March 26, 2021

3185 : Who am I really?

I am a Twitter fan. Recent love from the past 12 months.

I love Twitter, because most of the players in the room are not afraid of revealing who they really are  - I mean not in terms of identity, but their thought and mind construction.

Almost everyone wears their heart on their sleeve.....and most of us are deplorable. Which probably includes me. The real me is deplorable.

I love podcasts even more. An even more recent love :-).

In podcasts, esp some which are based on a chatty form, the hosts and the guests are not afraid to show their real dents and weaknesses. Especially weakness.

So many folks I adore (and admire) - seem to be so broken.

It's almost as if, creativity does not work unless your brain is a push-pull of chemicals gone wrong.

It gives me immense reassurance. I too shall find my North. One day.

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