Thursday, March 25, 2021

3178 : What is life?

Naval (of Ravikant) fame thinks it's a game, but the only way to move to the next level (or be free of it) is to win at this level.

That makes little to no sense to me. That's groupthink. Or worse it's belief in a black box. He might as well call the game "God".

I am still not sure. Actually, I am not even scratching the surface. It's a polished surface and I chew my nails :-), so still at level 0.

I look at people around me. I look at my friends, I look at my family. I look at a sample population on Twitter.

And I really go "Is this it?". "That's all?"

I feel the need for friends, I feel the need for company. I feel the need for a talk. I definitely want a drink. 

I can understand my books. I can understand my music. My programming. Learning math (and loving it). I can understand my drink. 

But I still make zero sense of this "game". 

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