Wednesday, March 24, 2021

3177 : The reductionists

I am on Twitter, and I see these aunties and uncles screaming something to this effect

"I went to the hospi today. (Gulp for air to fuel the indignation further). And WTF, the nurses were not wearing masks. And I (yes the self-important shithole that I am), I screamed and created a ruckus. I brought the house down. Then finally only the nurse who was to administer the vaccine to me, wore her mask.

How insensitive of the nurse?......and the blah blah blah.

What does it take for all of us to wear a mask.?"

Get the drift. This is pure undiluted indignation. It's also being full of yourself. Most importantly it shows how dumbass you are.

Do masks help? Of course. Should we all mask up? Yes. But it's similar to any truism, that all of us should belt up while driving, all of us should follow lane discipline, all of should never have our kids stand up from the moon roof, all of us should never fwd idiotic WhatsApp.........

Get the drift. It's a guideline (masking I mean). An important one.

But if it's a question of life and death, the mask is not going to save you. It's statistical insurance, not a real one.

And yes, do request the nurse to wear a mask. But scream? and why the indignation? 

What have we become?

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