Sunday, March 21, 2021

3160 : My fav dad (and mom)

We were growing up in a lower-income household. We were stretched. We had food, we had a small home. So we were ok in that sense, but for education, for kids,for vacations - we were constrained.

As I grew up, we rarely ever ate out and every time we asked something of our parents, we were unfortunately told a "no".

And then I have this memory.

I must have been seven. I distinctly remember my dad's and mom's clothes. We were somewhere in South India. It's a temple with steps. (Checked later with mom, its Palani)

So dad, mom, and I (where is the other brat? - he was definitely not with us) climb up to the temple. We then climb down (post the obeisance) and then at the bottom of the hill - dad, mom and I decided to eat late lunch. 

Must have been around 2-3. As we were eating, towards the end, I politely told my mom - that I wish we had bought a drum (a toy percussion drum). A local dholak.

She asked, " you want it?"

I vigorously nodded "yes"

She said, " then why did not you ask before".

I sheepishly replied, " I thought you would say no."

The shops were at the top of the hill near the temple. Below (where we were there were just restaurants).

She looked at dad, and asked him in Tamil - "Can we get him one?"

Dad (usually was stern and very formal), smiled and said, " Of course".

He was a fast eater, had finished his meal. He walked back to the top to get me the drum. And he came back after about 10-15 mins.

Mom and I had finished our lunch. 

I was so happy. So happy.

That's the story.

My mom and dad, were not very educated, nor do I have a great intellectual relationship with them - then and now....but I truly adore what they did for us. They gave so much so that we could have.

I have immense gratitude for them many times a day. They are what makes me what I am today. Take a bow :-)

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