Wednesday, March 17, 2021

3151 : Political

 As I am growing older, I am beginning to realize the world around me is deeply political. A fact that is conveniently hidden by my privilege (I mean that it is political...that is the fact I am referring to)

What fascinates me is less about political beliefs (which also interest me, but less than what I am saying next), also sometimes less about machinations, but my real fascination is around the dance of power and how it completely captivates humans.

I recognize how power also shapes our domestic lives. Our relationship with our children, our spouses, our siblings, our friends, our parents.....every single thing has this little interplay happening.

And unless you are aware of it, and work hard to diffuse it - (why diffuse? because I don't want my daughter and me bound by power dynamics.....that's not what I wish on me or her) - even if you work hard to diffuse it, its an immensely deep rabbit hole.

All my living life I have avoided history because I see little or no value in it. Since 2017 I have started reading more history. I want to know what drives leaders to do more or less in a particular direction.

Usually, I still stay away from opinions, because I know how little I know. I am still learning. And the few times I do take an opinion, it's not to castigate a leader or a party or a group.... it usually to dig deeper and know more.

I love to discuss politics, but being almost unsocial is not a great place to start.

One day, I will :-)

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