Tuesday, March 16, 2021

3147 : Privilege

 Have been meditating deeply about the concept of privilege. 

For two reasons

1) To better understand it philosophically.

2) To become aware of it, and hence recognize it and be deeply grateful for it.

As I have contemplated more and more - there is a simple answer that I am zoning in - 

"what is a privilege"

Privilege is believing that "I" came from a baseline background (say middle class...or black....just an example), and "I" worked my ass off to make the most of it. And coincidentally, "I" think I did better than most others in the sample set. Also, it assumes that the ones who are still "driving me around" (in India we are famous for looking down on chauffeurs), are the ones who did not work hard enough or take every opportunity that came along their way.

Couple this basic definition of privilege (or the lack of understanding of it), and cocktail it with "luck and opportunity" (both having it, or the lack of it) and we have our "poison" on hand.

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