Sunday, March 14, 2021

3142 : I am recognizing....

That my love for the stand out Feynman, or Eric Weinstein, or Michael Malice, or Joe Rogan, or Elon Musk, or Tegmark (Max) comes from my deep seated love to accept them for their flaws, but see that within that, lies their unbridled greatness.

When Peter Thiel votes Red, it jars, but what makes him human, is that he is willing to stake all of his personal cred for a value he upholds. And I am sure if I were to go into an intellectual battle with Thiel, he would crush me in about 5 mins.

Or when a Musk borders on the Red, there is so much thought behind this.

These are my heroes. I will hold them on a pedestal, unless they did something really evil, like a rape or a cold-blooded murder. Other than that, especially their public views, though so different than mine, make me adore them a little more.

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