Saturday, March 06, 2021

3122 : The marathon milestone

Every now and then, I get completely stumped by a ritual or a practice from real life.

Today's peeve (not really, more dumbfounded wonder) is around this mail which hits you sometimes - it goes something like this. 

"I am going to be running the Boston Marathon. I support 'Cats deserve to have a sauna foundation' or something to that effect. My goal is to raise 2000 USD. Please contribute generously.......and blah.....blah...."

I have rarely given money to an initiative ever. Not because I am stingy. The real reason is I don't understand this at all. Makes no sense to me. Ever.

You are running?

The Boston Marathon?

You are supporting "Cats deserve to have a sauna foundation"?

You want to raise 2000 USD?

You are posting on email, Twitter, Instagram?

This makes no sense at many levels. First of all, these are not connected activities. This seems like misplaced marketing. You love cats and their sauna. I don't have empathy for cats, and even if I do, I don't like them having a sauna. And even if I support the sauna, why are you killing me with this?

Usually my general belief - is that there is enough philanthropy money floating around. Its deploying them that is a challenge. So if you did want to run, and raise money, at least support a direct individual cause. Like my "friend Amit is suffering from cancer. He needs 2000 USD, can we help him." 

And this can be done irrespective of your running? Why bring your ego battles into this good cause?

This misplaced product placement does nothing for me. 

I am in all possibility loathe to judge you as very "superficial".

And that's my rant for this weekend.

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