Saturday, March 06, 2021

3121 : The lonely monkey

I pushed myself extra hard at the gym today. On some days, you just survive on adrenaline.

From where I stand (in the gym) I have a clear view of a hospital. It's a beautiful piece of architecture (by Hafeez Contractor no less).

And usually, I am privy to someone dangling from the roof cleaning windows, which is a hugely vicarious sight, as he (its a he) dangles from what is the equivalent of a 15-floor tower.

On the edges and arches that prop the building's external beauty, you often see a murder of crows, and a flock of pigeons, assembled in some deep existential debate.

And this is what I see usually for the past few months.

And then today, I also see a lonely monkey (amongst the birds), in all probability lost and waylaid from the hills in the backdrop. He(or maybe she) struggled for a good 15 minutes walking along the ledge (a frill border at the center of the building).

He (she) walked the entire stretch (about 200 meters) multiple times, hands-free (magical they walk on a ledge which is less than 6 inches)......something a human could never ever do.

He walked for a good 15 minutes, before he disappeared to the other side of the building, away from my sight. I wanted him to find the hill again. I wanted him to win.

The lonely monkey who hopefully made it.

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