Sunday, February 28, 2021

3108 : Art, the artist and the failing

 For years I have staunchly maintained that there are certain values for which I shall "cancel" an artist or a friend or someone I know.

A good example is "Pablo Neruda" whose poems I like, but I don't read, because he glorified and almost romanticized "rape". (Google on that).

Recently I have also had similar strong views on a few right-wing celebrities who have endorsed violence (implicitly).

And in this "canceling" I have been strict and have exercised this with moral indignation that I usually otherwise don't have.

And then today I was having a chat with someone and she convinced me with a few compelling arguments, that I am being an "asshole" (not the poriborton types :-)).

What I liked is the beauty and elegance with which the arguments were made. I learned a lot. I might still cancel Pablo Neruda, but now I know why I might be an "asshole" too.

The part of the argument which I liked the most - was don't let a failing - negate the net output in some other stream.

A few years ago I failed too. And I had a free fall from my own pedestal.

And I know I hurt from the "cancel" which was called upon me. And that's the memory that this talk triggered in me. It was an aha moment.

That's the post.

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