Sunday, September 13, 2020

2924 : As an observer of human beings (and as a Buddhist)....I see two distinct types of humans

The first type will externalize every problem. Their fort never had windows. Ever. They will vandalize, scream, tear your skin apart. Recognize these types as politicians, successful capitalists, over-achievers. These are alpha human beings.

The second type will internalize every problem. They will look within and search for answers. They will assume the world is ever as inefficient as before, they will improve their own fold and the world around them. Recognize these as spiritual atheists, writers, poets....and sometimes benevolent leaders.

Neither of them is better, Both of them affect change in this world. Though the first one does it on a large scale.

Remember what is at stake between the two - the currency in this transaction is awareness, more importantly, self-awareness. Also whats at stake is what you want to be when you are dying. A brooding angst-ridden man, or a man who assimilated life around him. If you can remind these aspects to yourself, you will always choose the correct side, in your everyday

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