Sunday, September 13, 2020

2921 : The fall of an empire

I have been accused of many failures in my life span. Like as a child I was accused of stealing (and I had stolen). I have seen enough shit (as any adult should) - so I have been accused of a host of culpabilities, including infidelity (what?? we have a normal marriage sometimes breaks down).

And then..... today....a dear friend of mine accused me of being disingenuous. That hurt quite a bit. Its like hockey stick punches into your ribs (I know what that feels like). 

I recoiled....both aghast and hurt. But...... I am a Buddhist. I staunchly maintain that if someone feels that "I cheated" or "I am disingenuous" or "I am incompetent", then it really must be so. Reality lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Its a strange day. The hurt singes. And the river flows. And tomorrow the sun shall rise. 

Shine on your crazy diamond :-)

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