Wednesday, August 19, 2020

2890 : The problem with some schools of Buddhism

I am too inconsequential to assess or judge masters, but I will because I want to surface my fears.

I was listening to the Drukama podcast around "death and dying and karma"....Ep 39 (I think)and then they start by saying, "if we do good karma", then we shall have a good afterlife or a good liberation....that sounds very Judaio-Christian in its approach. 

Also, this approach is very dualistic, right? something seems weird, hunky in that approach - since it amplifies your ego instead of diluting it. It keeps saying "you, we, I, us"......

That is where it sounds wooly.

Instead Zen or Traditional nondual Buddhism/Hinduism seems so much more relatable.

In all my years of meditating on death - my summary so far is very depressing. We die and we are gone....Do I believe we merge into a central intelligence? Yes. But it is nondual. It the same intelligence, that makes Bell's theorem happen in atoms, its the same one which teaches a table when to break, and its same point which tells our heart to unleash a cardiac arrest. Its all connected and central in the sense, that all points depend on each other. Every atom as Bell's theorem says can take inputs from others. 

In summary, when we die, the ego is gone, and we become elements again. No Meaning. No continuity. No liberation.

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