Monday, August 24, 2020

2895 : Zen

When I read Zen and meditate on its precepts (emptiness), it almost always mucks me up. As in it leads me down a rabbit hole. I am very scared of what I shall find there. Very scared. 

Zen shakes me to my very core, and what I find inside my core - bothers me immensely. Like I actually get disturbing nightmares.

A good Buddhist (Zen) master would then tell me that the meditation is working. 

It shakes things so much, that almost inadvertently every single time in the past, I would try and forgot my Zen encounters so that I could chase the familiar and the everyday.

This time I am going to tempt fate. I won't back off. I want to see how far this path of existential crisis can go.

So if you find me very changed in the next few weeks or months, you know at what point I lost it.

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