Monday, August 17, 2020

2888 : Older and maybe wiser

When I was younger, say around 9-10 years I used to walk about half a km from home to reach a stadium (Dadoji Kondev Stadium) you know where I grew up :-).

5 times a week, for cricket practice. 

One of the largest cemeteries in the city used to be next to the stadium. 

I often used to see funeral processions and the strange flowery colognish smell associated with it - and I used to dread those days.

Fear - I was fearful of the dead and the dying.

Years later - I now realize that death is a normal part of the routine. We might still never get used to it - its the unwanted guest in the house :-), but the older me is no longer afraid of death.

I am definitely afraid of dying still (damn the failed Buddhist in me!!).

Life is strange, abrupt and bizarre...the older me stands in prepared silence around it.

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