Wednesday, August 05, 2020

2877 : Happy for Ram, Eh?

Today is a strange day. I really have no strong political view on whether the temple should be built in Ayodhya or not.

This means - either way, I am fairly neutral.

As I consume twitter, I am subsumed by the vitriol from either side. 

The defenders of "secularism" who hate what's happening, and the defenders of "faith" who think they are reclaiming a holy land.

In either case, my heart beats with total "unbelief" (I know it should be disbelief) - that someone could be so passionate on either side.

Who are these people? How come this is an issue (either building/not building) on their priority list?

At this point, all I want is a COVID vaccine, my job to be safe and good health on a selfish level - and for others to keep their jobs, for the overall well being, and the economy to improve - at a societal level.

That's all, that's the post. The rest is a just bunch of peaky blinders.

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