Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2865 : Inner demons

Lockdown is kind of a perfect time to look inwards. While I have never been a fan or practitioner of active meditation, I am what you would call as a "silent introspective/contemplative thinker".

If that sounds cool, its just means someone who varnishes and polishes ideas/thoughts endlessly in a quest to see what's hidden beneath or behind them.

In this lockdown - I have had time and courage to face my inner locked boxes, my inner demons. And they are not pretty. 

As I examine my deepest fears, my deepest wounds, and my faintest of biases - I realise that this Jenga is quite unstable. A small gust of wind can make this fall.

In my most contemplative moments - I wonder if it just as unstable for everyone around me - for the rest of the participants in this universe.

I shudder because the ship looks awry. The ocean looks calm now, but a ship should know how to ride waves - right?

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