Wednesday, July 08, 2020

2859 : The Startup founder as a Messiah :-)

I have recently become active on twitter, treating it as a primary source of news. I also follow quite a few startup founders and stalwarts.

And I cannot help but notice how almost every single founder (notable exception being Naval Ravikant - who does spews some genuine wisdom), is busy mouthing random truism. A lot of them claim they are mindfulness experts or have years of meditation under their belt.

And then they mouth stuff like below.

Don't aim to be rich. Aim to be wealthy. Wealth sets you up for Generations and Generations.

Get the drift?

What amuses me is the low levels of self-awareness that is manifest in such truisms, or the implicit large ego - that lends one to believe - that "I can spew" and someone will listen.

Whether you are a startup veteran or a simple learning human being - our primary goal has to be only one, right! - constantly attack our own ego. Face your demons in the mirror. At least confront your blemishes, if not celebrate them.

What does this level of living room preaching incidicate as a bell-weather for our social fabric?

This is the post.

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