Thursday, June 18, 2020

2843 : Meaning in an atheistic world

If our life is nothing but a brief moment in the sun. Brief (to put in the context is 60/10bn years)...its about 10 raise to -8 in the order of things...

We are not even a blink and miss....we are in the territory that if you blink you miss the entire 200,000 years of human life.

So if that is how weird our life on this planet is. Think of each of us as free bosons or quarks, with life of nanoseconds.......

In this nanosecond, and in my atheistic (or no larger meaning than my present) world, does it matter if you are Putin, Modi, Trump, Elon Musk or me? 

No measurement device will detect a blip of difference between any of us. 

We are all quarks that come and go. The larger space is blissfully unaware of us.

My awareness is my own sense of ego and self-preservation. 

In this black eternal world.....what is "meaning"?

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