Tuesday, June 09, 2020

2834 : Indignation is always a surprise for me

As I read this in NYTimes, I was almost caught unawares by the strong note of indignation. 

I see the same extreme note of acidic anger in some of my RWA (apartment complex) members. If I am downstairs alone walking with my puppy, someone screams that my mask does not cover my nose.

And at all of these times - I sit and wonder, is this is really what we have become in terms of our understanding of science? Are we so weak that we shall blame the next "cause" without looking inwards. 

These very people who are struggling - or aghast are probably ordering food online - or takeaways - blissfully unaware that they run a 100x risk on that versus my mask missing my nose.

We live in an age and time of ignorance. We also live in an age and time of ribald righteousness. 

My approach to this. Just fly under the radar always :-)

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