Saturday, May 30, 2020

2829 : Disenfranchised by the leadership

In any democratic setup, there is always the risk, that a certain faction of the populace, will feel as if they are being obscured. Bound to happen, right?

What happens, if the dis-enhancement is so high, that one feels that she/he has to resort to either violence or to completely give up and withdraw.

Those are the tumultuous dystopian times that we are approaching.

As I see my own nation - ravaged and broken down by a muddled response to COVID, as I see America burning on a pyre, as I see China slowly and stealthily keep its unwavering focus.....the one question that nags at me is - when did the leader become larger than the lumpen?

Is this a natural fall out of democracy? It can't be of capitalism, because we have seen the same rundown in socialist and communist regimes.

What should of checks and balances does any leadership require so that it does not trip itself?

The world is going off-key, running off the rails, and becoming unhinged. 

Living and navigating around - should not be such a dystopian complexity.

In times like this, I genuinely feel a little despondent.

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