Sunday, May 10, 2020

2805 : Reading List 2020: #7 Until the end of time by Brian Greene

I have always (since my teenage years) been deeply into reading - especially around searching for meaning. My quest into Buddhism began as a search for "our sense of purpose"...which eventually became deeply personal.

In the last 20 years, no other book has been illuminating in this journey, than this book (Until The end of Time by Brian Greene).

It's packed with concepts, some really challenging, but if you persist, it leaves you a little more enlightened. If I was stuck on a death bed, this would be part of my reading list along with "Paradise in Plain Sight".

Absolutely read this, gift a copy to as many friends as you think would relate to this.

The book is a deep exploration of meaning, time, and our context in it. Sadly the conclusions he draws are something I had reached about 10 years ago (without the deep physics) and it left me slightly depressed. Over time I have overcome that failing, understanding that "meaning" is always deeply personal.

And so is purpose. And without the Lord in an atheist universe (like mine) it soon comes down to becoming intensely personal.

Read it. Be enthralled. Thank you, Brian Greene :-) Images from

At 428 pages brings my 2020 reading total to 2103 pages.

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