Tuesday, May 05, 2020

2800 : My 8 year old's dilemma

And no fcuking no, I am not making this up.

She says, why does "the country have to lock us up?. If someone wants to move around he/she will move, on the other hand like tatha/paati (my parents), if they cli are scared, then they shall stay at home." 

She continues, "Looks like locking us down is not helping anything. I cannot play. And maasi (a doctor) tells me the situation at hospitals is very bad too."

She further continues, "Are we no longer free? Are we now occupied like the British again?"

Of course, I try and explain to her - that running a nation is a difficult challenge and Modiji and other leaders have to take some decisions which in 20/20 hindsight can seem wrong. And then our convo drifts into leadership challenges.

And I sit and wonder - what are we missing here? Do difficult decisions necessarily have to be draconian? As France is in a lockdown too. Would you call it draconian?

As a nitwit example - My RWA has folks calling the police if one of us as much takes an evening walk in the play area. 

Vigilantes, draconian laws, and force should not have too much of a place in our modern egalitarian society? Or are we not there yet:-)

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