Sunday, April 12, 2020

2775 : Looking inwards

I have a friend called Abhi (who sometimes also reads this blog :-), so Hi Abhi :-)).

There is something unusual in the way he shows me the mirror. Like he is almost reflecting my own inner demons back on me. And always, he seems to be right.
The challenge is the demon is not facing outwards, I have to tame the demon myself :-).

Like recently I was talking to him, and in the chat I realized, that I was complaining about the "chattiness of the world around me"....and he almost silently told me.... " that the silence I seek, is inside...", searching it on the outside is foolish.

He is humble, understated, and he almost guides me to a spot....lands me nicely, before he gives me a friendly whack to show me the mirror :-).

This sort of friendship is invaluable, and often - its this mirror that keeps us ground. Abhi is worth his weight in gold.

Funnily, now some of my best friends are in Bangalore, and they all show me the mirror (Nilesh, Sachin, Smita and now Abhi :-)

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