Sunday, April 12, 2020

2774 : Blaming Covid on a religion

One of the Indian writers I really like is Samar Halarnkar of I think he is brave, he is anti-establishment, but in a positive sort of way. The continuous edge of the needle that pokes the world into action.

I read him in Mint, sometimes in Scroll and always enjoy it. I remember reading about a memory issue he has (post an accident), but can't seem to find it.

Like Miss Roy, he is another one of my favorites.

His recent post in Scroll is a masterclass in good journalism. Do read here. Its about we should be careful not to blame a religion (Muslims) for Covid. That personally (blaming I mean) does not make too much sense to me too.

Some of my best friends are Muslims, and I would hate for something bad to befall them, especially because we blamed them as a lumpen.

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