Sunday, April 05, 2020

2752 : The macro juxtaposed with the microcosm

As the COVID (Corona) juggernaut continues to gather steam, its fascinating to see how it reveals deep cracks (and infractions) in our collective equations. The fear, the reptilian responses, the complicit nature of a fleeting free will, our own prejudices, and the depth of our collective degradation.

Sounds doomsday?

Nah...the poet in me says, it was expected. A society and a race that takes so much effort to build abstraction (over abstractions), take our online avatar's for example, very unlike the Buddha or Jesus or Confucious whose very goals were to show us who we were - is bound to be in a race to the bottom.

The goal of human beings should always be to seek to remove layers and see life for what it is. In the long run, we are all dead. Dead with a capital D. In the long run, our earth is Dead too.

We have a brief moment under the sun, will we use that to rupture each other - slit mother earth?

And then.....

As this play of fracking continues on the larger society in IMAX cinematic perspective - I am also aware that this COVID period is showing me how fractured my own life is. My microcosm is just as broken as the larger society. I have tyrant nannies too, I have the virus too, I have reptilian responses too, I have huge prejudices too....and my internals are degrading too.

A tiny virus is holding the mirror to all of us, most of all to me. As I see the mirror, I can see a man with a million broken pieces. And that for today is a very humbling thought.

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