Thursday, April 02, 2020

2747 : Is the economy dead?

My views are, suppression/social distancing and isolation can only work towards flattening the work. And we can do suppression for weeks, not for months.

I have friends suggesting another 90-day lockdown. I am afraid, the economy will just die.

I read a similar note in NY Times. Read Here.

My simple view, flatten the curve, and however it is, we must work towards restarting by May....our economy cannot deal with a 90 day lockdown.

At least not according to my limited knowledge.

We might emerge in Q3 without a job, economy or a society to look fwd to. The Hobson's choice is to restart sooner than later - and hope for herd immunity to kick in sooner.

Suppression (and then re-starting) also creates a massive risk of re-infection.

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