Sunday, March 29, 2020

2741 : The Kominsky Method

There is something oddly uplifting about this series. This is my second watch of it, and I would rate it very highly. The writing is atrociously good. So many contemporary tricks and references that you will lose track trying to keep pace with it.

I have loved both Season 1 & 2. I look at Alan Arkin, Michael Douglas, the character Mindy...the list is endless. You love all of them. You really do.

But most of all - you love Michael and Alan.

I was so sad to see Season 2 end. Almost similar to the feeling you have when a good book ends. (Like Sara Baume's A line made by Walking).......

I would upgrade this series on my overall rating. Here Goes. Go watch it, and treasure what good writing looks like. And what great acting looks like. And what insane production looks like.

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