Friday, March 27, 2020

2737 : Ethical harakiri

I am deeply troubled by my own ethical choices. I am part of the Indian middle-class bogey, and every single day I am part of one or the other conversation - where the chat is "racial" - read my lips, its not one with racial undertones - it's racial. Period.

Like the complex I live - has banned maids, drivers, cleaners (during these times) from entering the complex - because they live in ghettos. The assumption being that the ghetto is a more vulnerable place to carry and come in contact with the virus.

There is some merit in that argument, and yet, it seems to me that this is a "suit me" argument. I will use the services, until it works for me, and then I shall "dump and walk away.".

I sit in circles where friends refer to "slums as dangers to our city". They want to government to completely lock down the movement of folks from within the slums (as in no in and out).

There is the vitriolic vigilante whose only focus is to make sure that "he/she is safe".

And then the neighborhood aunt who is paranoid and is imagining death hunting her down from the beyond. She believes my talking some sunshine in the play area of my complex - is an act of plotting to have her bundled dead.

In all of this, no one seems to see the real other crisis. Which is humanitarian. Daily wage employees who also have spouses, kids and mothers - and who have to borrow just to buy simple food.

Scroll has some fantastic coverage here. I am reproducing images from the same article. Stunningly devastating. Broken me. Ethics be damned.

If you cant see fear and despondency in these images, you may just be missing the point.

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