Tuesday, March 24, 2020

2733 : Joe Bonamassa + Beth Hart

I have been listening to Joe Bonamassa + Beth Hart quite a bit in recent times. I must have been trapped in a wormhole. I have/had never really listened to a lot of Bonamassa or Hart in my life. (How the mighty have fallen).

And look at what I have been missing. These two (as a combo) as well as individually are combustible. I have listened to them for over 10-20 hrs in the past few days.......and am hooked.

This combo is just as lovable as Joan Baez + Bob Dylan....

There is something alluring about musicians who collaborate together. Something very romantic (in a classic sort of way). It does not have to be a boy or a girl with each other, it can even be as simple as 4 jammies creating Beatles together, or Queen for that matter.

I really miss collaborating with another artist or someone who shares my interests. Like I have been thinking who in this world could I sit and debate about Joe Bonamassa with? And was that not the point of life? Or actually, the only thing in life that matters?

Or talk Buddhism?

I miss these imaginary conversations. I really do.

BTW, thanks Vivek Aloor :-).

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