Friday, August 16, 2019

2597 : Bob Works

Picture this.

My 8 year old girl tells me, she has been reading biographies.

So she says she has read all the biographies in the world. So I challenge her, "Really?", and she says "Yes."

Then she says "You know who Rosa Parks is?"
I say "Yes", "what did she do?" (my way of testing the daughter).
She answers "Black empowering movement".

"Martin Luther King"
"Yes, what did he do?"
"Black empowerment."

"Thomas Edison"
"Yes, what did he do?"
"Telegraph, electricity and bulb".

"Alex Graham Bell"
"Yes, what did he do?"

"Bill Gates".
"Yes, what did he do?"
"Invented Apple". DINGG....
I say, "wrong, he started microsoft....not apple, and the keyword is started".

"Bob Works"
Scratching my head. "No".
With a spiteful grin she says "He invented the iPhone".
Me "Really?" and I almost tell myself he might have worked with Jobs and Ive.
But then something goes DING in my head. And I politely ask her, "Did you mean Steve Jobs".
She smacks her head to the forehead, totally crushed and disappointed and says "Yes, sorry, thats what I meant."
But you see, her brain is working awesome...she stored Steve Jobs as Bob Works.

Hilarious and awesome :-)
Lovely memory.

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