Friday, July 26, 2019

2587: Digital vs analog watches

In one endearing scene from The Same Sky, episode 6 of the first season....Father and Son are sitting talking.

The Father works for the Stasi in East German, and the son works as an undercover agent. And this is socialist East German.

The son has been working undercover @ West German (but has told the dad - that he is a professor at Moscow), and then by happenstance, they both notice that he (the son) is now wearing a Casio digital watch. Over the meeting, his dad admires it, and the son offers it as a gift to the dad. And the dad says something to this effect

"Thanks...its a great would raise questions (presumably from the stasi).....Besides, I would rather stick to my (analog) watch. My watch can show the past (as in an analog watch you see the hours which have gone by) and the future (as in the hours which are coming up....but in a digital watch, all you can see is the present (as in a state in time)."

I found this extremely poetic and marvelous piece of writing. Just poetry with a hint of melancholy.

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