Saturday, July 20, 2019

2584 : Stillness

The stillness of someone who is dead, is quite disconcerting at first (to look at). But if continue to gaze and focus (like I recently did), the person's personality grows beyond what he/she was ("was" in your eyes I mean), to something he actually was (which means what he actually was instead of what you thought he was).

Minutes pass, and he evolves, or more so his face evolves. You see aspects of his face (in the stillness) which you had never once observed in 40 years. You see the fingers and you see the movement in the stillness. The movement of practiced years. You see the toes and it occurs to you, that he so much like you, both genetically and physiologically.

As time flows by, you merge with him (who is technically no longer him, because whatever "he" was is deemed gone). You also wonder what was it to be "him" and what is it that is left of "him" in front of you. Almost philosophically you wonder, does taking one thing (though undefinably called "soul", "life force" or whatever chemistry calls it) change the whole being....and you know the answer. YES. The being is irrevocably changed. He is not "him". He looks like "him", but he is not "him".

I see him for what he was. I see him for what he was not. I see him for what he did not want to be. I see him for what he had finally become. I see him for whats eventually left of him. I see me in him. I see the multitudes that all of us channel into the "I".

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