Thursday, July 18, 2019

2576 : If I am not back again this time tomo, carry on.....

Death is a very strange companion. Someone close in my family has died. As only an atheist can, I pray (and prayed) for his peace, clarity and liberation.

And yet.....I see(saw) the ones closest to him treat this whole experience as a trauma. Which no doubt, it emotionally is.


Unfortunately thats the only thing "death" has become. A trauma.

Death is also liberation, clarity and a summary. Like a period. Like a large "full stop".

When our friend dies, and we watch Republic TV (for those from US, replace this with Fox, get the drift?) not to "fire gaze" which is understandable.....but when one is genuinely interested in the debate on the tv than the "friend"........

Then....we are using the tv as an a "numbing" tool. As a gauze that not protects a wound, but abstracts it out.

Something feels wrong. And maybe thats what (nor not) what Freddie meant when he said "I am not back again this time tomo, carry on...."

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