Saturday, May 18, 2019

2543 : "Thok Denge"

So picture this.

I am in my apartment complex. Lets say, I live in a fairly sophisticated living quarters. Its NOT downtown, but its mid-town. Get the drift I presume.

I enter the lift today morning, and a man with two daughters (say about 3 and 5 years each), and his mother (say about 60) enters the lift.

The 5 year old is nagging her father for "Gems" and this is the gem her father offers. I  AM NOT Making this up, I CANT :-). So here goes for folks who understand hindi and I won't translate, because its the only language that this statement makes any impact in.

So the father tells his 5 years old " Aapko Gems Chahiye? Deta hoon Gems? Uska baad jab doctor aapko injection se thokega, tabh aapko samajh aayega." (and no I did not mis-hear tokega....this was a north India guy with clear as water diction.)

I was frozen. And I rest my case :-)

Modern parenting never seems to surprise me in weird ways.

This in one glance might be humorous, and in another deeply disturbing. 

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