Friday, April 19, 2019

2519 : Retribution that baffles

So a 20 year old cop was making love to her boss/lover, meanwhile her kid died due to the heat in the car. The kid was 3 years old. Thats the gist of this gory story.

My view ?????
Yes, a mistake or even a big slip up has indeed happened. No flip flopping on that one. We all agree that a huge error has happened.

And ?????
The mother (the 20 year old) has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for this. 

This is where I am baffled. Assume she is indeed culpable, but (hopefully) without a real intent. As in the death is her mistake, but her intentions were never malicious. Does this sort of societal retribution aid in helping her (the mother's) soul or even in preventing  a similar mistake from others in the society. 

I often wonder - how much of prison is just about fairness (eye for an eye) versus real societal improvement or correction. Prison/jail/retribution focusses on deterrence, but not on improvement. This particular sentence does not seem to be effective in deterrence too.

The mother killed her daughter. Agreed. Inadvertently. Agreed.
We killed the mother. Agree?. With intent. You better not disagree.

Do read The Flower Girls for a similar deja vu. Of course this comes from the land of fiction.

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