Friday, April 19, 2019

2518 : The murdering Jain

Picture this.

A Jain is finishing his meal. As he goes to the wash area to clean his hands, he sees a few ants and creepy crawly insects around the area. He freaks out and he starts the flow of water in full force, so as to drown the insects. Once that is done, he heaves a sigh (of relief), washes his hand with soap and comes back to the table.

Now, this is a Jain - who is a practicing Jain. Visits a temple 4 times a week, implores me to give up on my diet of eggs and requests me to cut down on Garlic and Onion since it increases my "tamas" and hence my "violence".

I have always known that human beings get stuck in symbols and abstractions, but this one is quite something. I am not even aghast. I am just sore.

The buddhist in me believes, that every life and every rock matters. I have to exist inspite of the world around me, and thats what usually drives my decision making.

Of course, I am a failed buddhist. And yes, as a race, we have failed our insect friends.

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