Monday, April 29, 2019

2533 : Reading list 2019 : #11: Fat By Kalpana Swaminathan + Dr. Ishrat Syed

A book about fat, and how we became fat as an Indian society. Musings on Indian food. What I liked most was how it simplifies food as a process to be understood by each of us.

Am I fat? Yes. Am I a little more literate post this book? Yes. Am I going to get fitter? Don't know. Do I am to get fitter? Yes.

A definite read. Highly recommended. Any book which changes your relationship with food in a more deeper way (negative or positive connotations aside) is worth a read.

At 312 pages brings my 2019 reading to 2818 pages.

Images thanks to Speaking tiger books. Image below is Kalpana's.

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