Sunday, March 31, 2019

2513: "I just mated"

Picture this.
I am working on a document. And from the anterior part of the room, comes a "fist thump in the air" moment...."yessssssssss.....I mated".

Now I look up and see my little monster, all of 7 years old staring into an Ipad....and my first reaction is of bewilderment.....has she been playing my teenage equivalent version of Larry's lounge (we all had our teenage daughter needs to know that I am definitely more flawed than average.....)

I walk up with trepidation and break into a broad smile.....she has just defeated Magnus Carlsen in the trainer at him aged 8 :-). Today...she is a world beater......:-)

A sheepish dad moment, quietly and miraculously transformed into a super proud dad moment.

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