Sunday, March 31, 2019

2511 : Save Girl

Driving around Powai Lake (going from Hiranandani towards L&T) under the overbridge there is unmissable hoarding of a godman smiling beatifically with large text around him which says "Save Girl" followed by a simple (1980s minecraft) CGI graphic of a girl.

Now that is ridiculous in many ways. "Save Girl" is just plain meaningless in English. Its an implore in a continuous form that is neither past nor present. Also....

Which Girl?
Why only a Girl, as in why in the singular?
Why not Girls?
Does it mean we have to save from the baba/godman?
Is he the perpetrator?
How to save a girl?

Meaningless hoardings making the city a completely ugly and overcommunicated pimping ground. Anything sells, as long as it gives someone the money.

My heart truly cries for the city I still call Bombay and I still consider my home. On one hand, it frustrates me and on the other hand, I know nothing shall ever change. Est Mort le roi, Vive le roi.....

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