Friday, March 22, 2019

2508: We all need crutches

Sachin (not Tendlya :-)), but my dear friend Sachin - yes the same one with whom I love having some free wheeling speak easies. We both drink like fish, one half of us smokes like a chimney, we both eat like we are always hungry and one half of us always smirks :-) (Now figure !!)

Sachin and I were speaking recently when he told me a fascinating story. At his workplace he supposedly usually goes down at 4 for a tea and a smoke. One day (and it was a Tuesday), he went down around 3.30pm.

He met someone needy and decided to buy them food. (and I dont know of someone who is a more role model buddhist than Sachin....he truly practices buddhism, maybe he does not call it that).

As he ordered food, the person whom he was buying food for - supposedly requested a smoke and began chatting up. In sachin’s own words - in chaste English :-)!!

It transpired that the person lost his job in Dubai, post a horrific accident, which is what put him onto crutches. He begs for a living. He has a whole roster of the city he needs to traverse. And supposedly he is around Sachin’s workplace at 3.30pm on a Tuesday.

Over the next 4-5 weeks Sachin met him every Tuesday. The person had a target of 1000Rs per day....and he needs to work for the next 3 years till his sons pass out from engineering.

What amazed Sachin was - the person had no resentment or anger towards the society. He looked at seeking alms like a job/role that he needed to do everyday to make 30k a month.

Sachin has not met him in the last 4 weeks. But he has promised to reach there at 3.30pm on a Tuesday soon, and the person has promised to this time buy Sachin a smoke :-)

I found the story heartwarming, a reminder of how lucky some of us are (I am indeed extremely blessed), and what my life could have been.

Thanks Sachin for sharing. Thanks Sachin for allowing me to post. Thanks Sachin for being a Buddhist role model that I wish someday to aspire to be like.

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