Sunday, March 10, 2019

2495 : The wedding story

I woke up today to be greeted by tons of images/news which are celebrating the fact that Shah Rukh Khan danced with Nita Ambani.

Before I write further, wanted to clarify - I don't grudge anyone their money, their power or life.


I sat and wondered, "Would I actually like/want Shah Rukh dancing at my wedding with my mother?". My answer is beside the point, more importantly "Why?"- as in why would anyone want Shah Rukh to dance at their wedding.

Secondly, I also could not help and ponder, "Would Shah Rukh even agree to dancing at my marriage, if I was who I am. I am just a nondescript middle class lumpen."

My answers in both cases, "its a distraction....". I don't want any celebrity or even outrageous folks gracing my wedding. I just want my friends and my family. My childhood buddy being there would make it special, but thats about it.

I recently added a regular wedding where a celebrity guest came in, and the whole wedding's spotlight shifted from the couple to the celebrity.

As I meditate on this, it occurs to me - we stopped being a "thinking" and "purpose driven" race many many moons ago. "Purpose?"....whats that?

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