Saturday, February 09, 2019

2666 : Senna by Asif Kapadia

I am one of the most unabashed Ayrton Senna fans that must be in this part of world, in this day and time.

As I watched (for the 3rd time) the documentary on Senna and his brief career...could not help have goose pimples all over again.

If there is one thing to learn/notice in such a narrative, its the wisdom that human beings are capable of no limits to their greatness, edges - that to most of the lumpen this would be “impossible” or simply ‘unbelievable”.

Senna showed us a crack in the “matrix” (to use a popular phrase), to glimpse a possibility that most of us would believe is in the realm of the imagination.

He will remain someone that I will immensely cherish and idolise and I sincerely wish my daughter one day sees herself in the image of Senna. That too would indeed be a blessing.

(Images from Gaurdian)

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