Saturday, February 09, 2019

2664: Tai Kishori Amonkar singing Allah ke Samne (Todi)

I have posted this a few times, but Tai singing Todi (Allah ke Samne) remains one of my all time favorite classical scores. There are often times when I am walking in a random place, and this tune would pop in and play incessantly in my head.

To me this is as close you can get to experience divine in this world. The voice, the devotion, the faith and the beauty of the rendition - each of them humble us immensely.

Tai will always remain one of my gateways to seeing the divine.

हे बेगुन गुन, गाइये अल्ला के सामने जब जाओगे पूछेंगे बात || नबी का कलमा हर दम जबाँ पे रखना हाँ जब जाओगे बात आजीज हूँ मोजीज, तुमी हो पैदा किये कि शरम तुमी को, मन में अपने सदारंग गात ||

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