Sunday, February 24, 2019

2478 : Honest chat

On a lazy sanglorious morning, she broke the silence in the room, "Let's have an honest chat."

To which he replied, "Does that mean you believe our other chats are fully or partially dishonest."

"Arrey baba, you sound like my favorite south Mumbai full-of-himself lawyer with fake vapor fumes coming out of his arse.", she smiled as she said that.

"Lovely.....Can he wriggle his derriere to write Z with his exhaust?"

"....A lawyer with a severe MPD who switches from a tad stiff neck to a pretend french hip hop artist. Will you stop your diversionary musings and instead give me undivided attention - I need to really open up and talk."

"So usually you are all bottled up, is it?"

"The lawyer who when scrutinized, simply chickened up and redacted. Give me a few minutes, thats all I need."

"Ok, go on....all ears. I mean all 42 of them."

She smirks as if she got the joke, (and yet) is feeling all pukey about the crassness of it. She continues,"All of us - all four of us, should have a no-holds barred chat to clean up the baggage in our barrels. That might be what is required for each of us to heal. That might be what will make us see beyond the devil in the other."

"There is no clean up till we look at these "clean ups" as a way to connect and understand the other human being. Under the skin first. See the difference? Usually, an "honest chat" is about clearing the roadblocks for "me", versus I am suggesting - you always start off instead with wanting the other person to win. If you do that, every person (amongst the four) is trying to make the other 3 win. So three folks are propelling you towards your zenith. Versus in our usual approach, we are all rooting for our own egos."

He continued, "So resolving - is more around opening up with compassion, than really being honest. Infact, in most cases, literally "honesty" might destroy more wood than build homes."

"(Sigh.....)....A lawyer who serenades as a Buddhist poet, who also peddles quack on health. At times you sound convincing and authentic. Mind you......Only at times....and at those times, I wish you should have been named Amitabha. I am sure you would love it that way too."

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