Sunday, November 11, 2018

2424: Reading list 2018 : #19: Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami

Most of you know that I am an huge Haruki Murakami fan. I just finished his latest book. It’s not as involving as some of his other book. Definitely not in the league of colourless Tsukuru or 1Q84.

I would overall rate this as 7/10.

Great philosophical underpinnings slivered into a sentence, almost as if by happenstance - typical Murakami. Magical world - typical Murakami. Complex plot - too many characters- typical Murakami. No loose ends - Murakami at his best.

Overall go for it, if you a huge Murakami fan, else wait for it to become cheaper :-).

The edition I read had 674 pages, bringing my 2018 total reading to 5709 pages.

2423 : Jonathan Seagull missing the Livingston

I am not making this up. I am sitting at the Amsterdam airport waiting for my Budapest flight, and the KLM lady announces, “Jonathan Seagull, please report to the desk”. My ears go Whoa!!, really is that a name?

Where did Livingston go missing?

In case you are missing the story, read up on Jonathan Livingston Seagull

2422 : Apple iPhone 5SE/SE/5C

I have been walking Europe for the past 2 weeks, and almost every other person who is carrying an Apple phone is carrying a 5SE or SE or 5C (the form factor is even better than SE). I like smaller phones. And for larger aspects, I love my giant iPad.

Apple if you are listening - please don’t abandon this form factor. There are dudes like me (and half of Europe) who adore this form factor.


2421 : Am in love with this.....

I am truly impressed with the the apple AirPods. It’s been my go to talking device in the recent months.
They dont need my vote, but I am complete in love with this Bluetooth earbud. Way ahead of the comparable league.
Take a bow apple :-)