Saturday, March 31, 2018

2400 : David Warner + Schadenfreude

I remember just a couple of months, I saw David Warner in the elevator @ Taj Krishna @ Hyderabad.

He walked out with me onto the ground floor. He was confidence and achievement personified. I could not help but be in awe of both the Vivre-de-Joie and what human beings are capable of achieving in a short run.

And then the last 2 weeks played out. And today David is saying he is completely broken.

Like the Buddhists say, everytime you see a living being, also see his/her dead self. As in logically - every living person will one day die. Similarly, who could have seen David in the elevator on that day and said "this too shall pass".

I am fascinated by the circle of life. I see it all around me. I have personally seen it very closely in my own life in the past 4 years. Its been a journey.

This too shall pass :-). As for schadenfreude - hold that day you will get to be the star too !!

My heart beats for David for will be one my favorite players.....he deserves forgiveness. He has all of mine. I would be proud of his life. Take a bow David and remember, this too shall pass :-). I speak from deeply entrenched experience.

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