Sunday, January 31, 2016

2286 : We could heroes for just one day

I have said a million times before, and I shall say it again that I don't have too many heroes in my life. But one person, who shall forever remain an inspiration and a real life hero to me is Ayrton Senna.

If you don't know how the edge of genius looks like - you should go to youtube, search for Ayrton Senna Monaco 1988. In this race Senna was leading Prost (Alain) by over 55 seconds (which in F1 parlance is equal to a lifetime).....and yet on a slippery circuit, he pushed on the limits, whilst all others were slowing down.

And the result - he crashed two laps before the end of the race.

Its this madness that made him a real hero. If I had to choose between Niki Lauda and him, it will Senna all the way.

I don't believe in God or heroes, but I do believe in greatness, and Senna was greatness manifested within us mortals.

Take a bow genius.

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